"We build business with our hands, we win clients with our hearts"

Happy clients are the best advertisments money can't buy so by choosing our clients, we shape our future

"TLG was appointed to conduct the 2 day corporate innovation program for Science Centre Singapore. There were 5 runs comprising of 160 staff. As this was a customized program, Ken and his team made the effort to design the program based on the client's neds and requirements and refine the program based on our feedback. Overall the program was enjoyable and well conducted. There was good support in logistical arrangements and value-added services including program evaluation, consolidation of ideas and soluations generated. The overall evaluation of the program by ourstaff was good and i look forward to future opportunities to work with TLG!"

- Ms Wendy Cheong

Director of Human Resources, Science Centre Singapore


"Hi Ken, thank you for the wonderful job that you did at our corporate retreat. You brought your expertise and experience to the table, but also listened to what we were looking for and were flexible in the actual execution. The team running the event was extremely enthusiastic and easy to work with. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and also learnt the invaluable message of working as a team. Gillian, thank you, you have been extremely helpful and it was a pleasure to have partnered with your company. We look forward to partnering you and your team again in the future. Once again, thank you."

- Mr Tang Tuan Huat
Senior Assistant Director (HR), Corporate Services Directorate

Supreme Court of Singapore


"It was truly a great pleasure working with your team. Being taken out of our comfort zone and seeing the great ideas and opportunities generated by the participants was a good reminder on how ‘simple’ business can actually be conducted if everyone takes ownership and aims for one goal. We often get lost in our policies and procedures, rather than seeing the opportunity and “Getting Business Done”. So I can’t wait to do sessions like this in the near future.

- Mr Andi, General Manager

Guangzhou Baiyun Hilton Hotel, China


"The use of a wide range of resource persons greatly enhanced the learning process, coupled with the interactive style of the trainer (Ken) - the sharing of experiences was rich and diverse and important for the learning process."

- Mr Vishvanath Doerga, President,

Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Guyana


"This was one of the few programmes which I was totally captivated."

- Mr S N B Wadinamuna Mudiyanselage Manthripala, Deputy Director,

Sri Lanka Export Development Board, Sri Lanka


"The program for enhancing the competitiveness of SMEs is an eye opener.

I have taken a lot of learning from the sessions and the experiences shared by each of you, which will help me personally as well as my Organisation.

I thank each one of you for that."

Mr Madappa Rangaswamy, Assistant General Manager

Corporation Bank, India


"Ken is very knowledgeable in his field, great takeaways from the sessions and can be implemented right away. He is very detailed and objective driven towards our company goals and I achieved better insights on what can be done to the company to better improve!"

- Mr Ian Cheow, Wyvan Xu

OOM Group, Singapore


"This is a very effective and eye opening programme that will enable me to contribute to the development of my country."

- Mr Hysen Waweru, Manager

Center for Leadership, KCA University, Kenya