"We build business with our hands, we win clients with our hearts"

Alexander is an ACTA certified coach whose rich career experience rallies around managerial and academic excellence. No doubt, his specialized teaching and research fields taught him how best to create conducive environments for learner-oriented actualization.


Alexander has quantifiable years of experience in organizational leadership and management with which he facilitates corporate team building and interpersonal communication in many companies. His portfolio reflects that of an accomplished professional who didn’t only serve as a Vendor Manager at Microsoft, but also as a self-made entrepreneur. Alexander, who is happily married, enjoys learning as much as training. Alexander believes in adding meaning to people’s lives by training them to be the best they can be. He sees the whole learning process as one in which learners are at the center of the stage with the teacher playing much of a supportive role.


For more than 20 years, David threaded a path less travelled to aid organizations in achieving their goals of professional growth. Through the years, he nurtured a worthwhile career that extends through the field of media, hospitality and broadcast and communications.


Today, David channels his myriad years’ experience into helping top organizations build teams and high morale. David kick-started his career as a specialist film editor at the Singapore Broadcasting Corporation working on a broad range of programs including news, documentaries and current affairs.

David’s passion for training extends beyond his training work with MSOF and he teaches theology at the St. Andrew’s Cathedral. In his leisure time, he’s an enthusiastic cross-country runner, black & white photography, screenwriting, and funky blues music.

Ken founded TLG in 2005 with a belief in transforming lives. Ken has been featured on The Business Times, The Straits Times and appears on shows News Radio 938 and Channel 8. He won the 2007 ASVF Award and 2009 Global TIC Award.

An alumnus of RI, NJC, SMU, Ken has trained for many organizations such as Caterpillar, GIC, Hilton, Nestle, Supreme Court, Singtel, UBS, UOB, Google, Paypal etc. Ken has been active at the grassroots and committees such as Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE), Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO), Global Entrepreneurship Week, World Entrepreneurship Forum, Startup@Singapore. He penned his first book “The 3rd Little Pig” featuring Singapore’s best young entrepreneurs under 30 and co-founded T Foundation, a non-profit providing free life skills training for underprivileged youth in Singapore, Nepal, Bhutan and China.

Kenneth’s versatility in the realm of teaching and coaching is unmatched. Having mastered the brass tacks of training adults, Kenneth seeks to create a fun-friendly environment for participants to learn by inventing easy learning, interactive play methods.

With more than 20 years in F&B, Kenneth previously served as the General Manager of Krispy Kreme and California Pizza Kitchen. He is also certified as a Management Coach for Starbucks Inc, has a credential at GNS School of Business and Technology and accredited by WSQ to coach Food and Beverage Specialists.

With his years of managerial experience, Kenneth has developed and fine-tuned sure fire learning techniques for participants to acquire new team skill sets and follow a clear path to success.