The Motivators Assessment

"The achievements of an organisation are the results of the combined effort of every individual"

Are you losing your motivation at work?


We know why...and we can help.

Have you ever wondered why some colleagues are so self-motivated and some are unmotivated at all? 

Every individual is different and so is the motivational factors. Some of staff are not motivated because we have not found out what are their motivational factors.
The purpose of The Motivators Assessment is to find out what are the motivational factors for individuals.

While most leaders know their true competitive advantage comes from their people, few know how to get their teams performing at full productivity and help their teammates root for each other.

What Motivates Me is a course that teaches:

• Engagement: Understand each employee’s productivity drivers and utilize them to enhance engagement, innovation, and growth

• Alignment: Connect employee’s work with the organization’s vision

• Teamwork: Build team unity by understanding each others’ synergies, cautions and diversities

• Career Development: Hold meaningful conversations to help employees build career paths and learn and grow



• Why motivation is important and how it drives engagement
• The specific motivators that drive you and each of your team members
• The motivator biases that shape the way we view teammates
• How to evaluate and build upon our team’s motivational diversity
• How to align team member’s responsibilities with their driving motivators to unleash positive energy
• Simple but powerful job-sculpting strategies to enhance your value and accomplish more in your career