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Licensed Modules

Everything DiSC

Learn the various tools & matrixes you can use to formulate your strategy in an intensive, power-packed 1 day workshop and know others' needs.


5 Behaviours of a Cohesive Team

Leadership has been the factor of success. Develop your leadershop skills in our 2-part 2 day workshop to realise your leadership potential. 

Gallup Strengthsfinder 

Creativity with action. Innovate to breakthrough as you acquire all the latest tools to develop new innovations to pilot your company in a 1 day workshop

Motivators' Assessment

Recharge and rejuvenate your engines of success. Get ahead with inspiring life stories of human tenacity and move your team from the heart in 2hr-1 day sessions!

Everything a successful organization needs to train high performance teams to drive corporate strategy and create societal impact

WSQ modules


Achieving Sales Targets

Get ready to rethink your sales techniques as we explore sales from a neuro-perspective. Mystery shoppers and real-life experts complete the experience!


A Service Culture!

Service form the bedrock of any business and its the human touch that makes clients want to come back. How do you turn your service from good to excellent?


A Business Mindset - Intrapreneurship

The growth from do you empower your team to take greater risks and responsibilities for their decisions like an entrepreneur. Get started!